New Endorsement for Vote NO 34

Another law enforcement official endorses the campaign and sides with victims.  Vote NO on Prop 34!  Francisco Soria, President-Stanislaus Sworn Deputies Association.    

Deputy Shane Daniel York, EOW Aug. 16,1997

Anniversary of the murder of Deputy Shane Daniel York, killed while off-duty during a robbery when his badge was seen by robbers who then shot the deputy in the head from behind.  The cop killers were sentenced to the death penalty for their crimes. Help protect those who protect us, Vote NO on Prop 34! [...]

The truth behind the rhetoric of Prop 34

Voting NO on Prop 34 is a vote for the victims of vicious murderers.  Read the view of Mark Klaas, father of victim 12 yr-old Polly Klaas, and DA Stephen Wagstaffe.

New Endorsement Announcement

Yolo County Sheriffs Management Association has joined with law enforcement groups from across California to urge voters to say “NO on Prop 34″

Sandy Friend, mother of murdered 8 yr-old Michael Lyons, shares her views on Prop 34

Vote NO on Prop 34! Sandy Friend lost her son to a vicious murderer who now resides on death row.  Read her story and views.

Mark Klaas writes about the man who murdered his daughter

Richard Allen Davis had a life of violent crimes against women before he was caught and sentenced to death for the kidnap, rape and murder of Poly Klaas in 1993.  Vote No on Prop 34 to see that killers like this face justice.

Police Organizations Endorse “No on 34″

Woodland Professional Peace Employees Association and West Sacramento Police Officers Association joined the growing number of law enforcement organizations to endorse “No on 34″ to hold murderers to justice.

New Endorsement urges “NO on Prop 34″

San Diegans Against Crime, the PAC of the San Diego DDAs, has endorsed the effort to protect victims and law enforcement by saying “NO on Prop 34″

Pittsburg P.O. Larry Lasater


          Pittsburg Police Officer Larry Lasater was shot and killed by Alexander Rashad Hamilton while investigating an armed bank robbery.  Officer Lasater’s wife was 7 months pregnant at the time of his murder.  In addition to being a police officer, Lasater was a Marine Corps veteran.  Officer Lasater was also an organ [...]

Texas changes to single drug execution

Texas is the latest state to change from a 3 drug method of execution to a single drug method.  California can do the same and resume executions of murderers.

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