Endorsement ranks continue to grow

Vote NO on 34 received 3 new endorsers today, all from the law enforcement community. Jason Melschau, President of the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association; Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement; Anaheim Police Association; These individuals and groups stand with victims and urge “NO ON 34″

Deputy Shane Daniel York, EOW Aug. 16,1997

Anniversary of the murder of Deputy Shane Daniel York, killed while off-duty during a robbery when his badge was seen by robbers who then shot the deputy in the head from behind.  The cop killers were sentenced to the death penalty for their crimes. Help protect those who protect us, Vote NO on Prop 34! [...]

Man serving life sentence faces death penalty for prison guard murder

An escape attempt by a man serving the equivalent of a life sentence for kidnapping involved murdering a prison guard to steal his uniform.  He will face the death penalty due to the special circumstances of his crimes while in prison.  Read more by clicking on link. Vote NO on Prop 34! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20120816/us-prison-guard-killing/  

Mark Klaas writes about the man who murdered his daughter

Richard Allen Davis had a life of violent crimes against women before he was caught and sentenced to death for the kidnap, rape and murder of Poly Klaas in 1993.  Vote No on Prop 34 to see that killers like this face justice. http://gilroy.patch.com/blog_posts/vote-no-on-proposition-34-the-evil-that-lurks-among-us

District Attorney’s join effort to stand for victims and urge “No On Prop 34″

Check out the Endorsements page to see all of the new endorsers of the effort to protect victims and say “No On Prop 34″.

State paroles violent felons to county probation

From the loop hole of the state only checking an inmates last conviction instead of their whole criminal history, thousands of felons will be released into county probation. http://www.dailybulletin.com/ci_21134452/violent-offenders-can-be-released-under-state-prisoner

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