Mend It Don’t End It

Death Penalty Opponents, led by the ACLU, claim we should abolish it because it’s broken.  The solution is to fix it; not abolish it.   Fixing the Death Penalty in California can be done by:

  • Adopt a Single Drug for Executions
    • Executions in California have been delayed because death penalty opponents endlessly file appeals, claiming the current 3-drug method is unconstitutional because it is “cruel and unusual;”
    • Several other states use a constitutionally valid single drug for executions, including Ohio, Washington and Arizona;
    • Since 2009, Ohio has conducted 14 executions using a single drug method.
  • Fix the Appeals Process
    • By adopting a Constitutional Amendment to allow Appeals Courts to hear appeals, delays and costs will be significantly reduced;
    • Modify and limit the time for filing certain types of appeals;
    • Require defense attorneys to take appeals and thereby reduce delays;
    • There are several efforts currently pending to fix the appeals process.
  • Move death row inmates from San Quentin and house them in other prisons
    • There is no need to house death row inmates in single cells at San Quentin
    • Cop killers, baby killers and serial killers who rightfully received the death penalty do not deserve the benefits they have at San Quentin.




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