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Here are the facts . The death penalty is given to less than 2% of murderers whose crimes are so shocking that juries of law-abiding citizens unanimously delivered the sentence.  The death penalty is reserved for only the worst of the worst criminals in our state, those who have killed cops, and raped and tortured children.  It’s an option that should be reserved for our communities to decide.


Proposition 34 would let serial killers, cop killers, child killers, and those who kill the elderly, escape justice. Proponents don’t acknowledge that when California’s death penalty was eliminated before, condemned criminals were released only to rape and kill again.


The convicted killers include:

  • Richard Allen Davis: kidnapped, raped and murdered 12-year-old Polly Klaas.


  • Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez: kidnapped, raped, tortured and mutilated 14 people and terrorized 11 more including children and senior citizens.


  • Serial Killer Robert Rhoades, a child rapist, kidnapped 8-year-old Michael Lyons.  Rhoades raped and tortured Michael for 10 hours, stabbing him 70 times before slitting his throat and dumping his body in a river.


  • Alexander Hamilton: executed Police Officer Larry Lasater (a Marine combat veteran).  Lasater’s wife was seven months pregnant at the time.


  • Scott Peterson, who killed his wife and unborn son.


Furthermore, the death penalty will deter some murders and save innocent lives if we actually enforce it. Abolishing the death penalty will put public safety at risk, and poses a particular threat to law enforcement officers.


The ACLU is the problem. They claim the death penalty is broken and expensive.  But it is the ACLU and supporters who have disrupted fair implementation of the law with endless delays. The State Supreme Court wants to stop this abuse of the system.  Other states including Ohio and Arizona give criminals full rights and fairly enforce the death penalty. California can too.


Prop 34 isn’t about saving money.   It’s about a special interest agenda to weaken public safety laws. They’re desperate to convince you that saving murderers from justice will keep California safe.


Instead of justice, killers get lifetime housing and healthcare benefits.


Prosecutors, cops, crime victims and community leaders across California are urging you to vote NO on 34. Stop the ACLU. Preserve the death penalty. Protect California. Vote NO on 34.

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