Another View: Justice for Crime Victims Demands Death Penalty

Special to The Bee (Jan Scully and Phyllis Loya) Jan Scully, Sacramento County district attorney, and Phyllis Loya, the mother of a murdered Pittsburg police officer, are responding to Tuesday’s Viewpoints article “Death penalty in California does not make us any safer.” The article stated that the ballot initiative SAFE California “will provide public protection [...]

Christopher Zerr, Gary Melke and John Harrigan


On Tuesday December 3, 1985, Mitchell Sims, a disgruntled pizza delivery driver, went to the Domino’s Pizza in Hanahan, South Carolina where he worked.  He robbed and shot his two-coworkers, Christopher Zerr and Gary Melke.  Although Melke was shot four times in the head and neck, he was able to flee to the nearby police [...]

Rickie Blake’s Story


In 1986, 14 year old Rickie Blake was taken out of her home and not found for 24 hours. She was at home watching the Padres on T.V. Her parents went to bed, her sister went bed and she was there watching the Padres. When the parents got up the next morning, she was gone. [...]

Lamar and Ernestine Matthews’ Story


Lamar and Ernestine Matthews were both 75 years of age and were planning to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in September of 2004. Lamar Matthews was a retired probation officer and Ernestine Matthews was a retired teacher. Both victims were active in their community as well as their college alumni association. After their murders, the City [...]

Eva Chu’s Story


On April 17, 1979, 29-year-old Eva Chu left work to go to a doctor’s appointment. She was 7 months pregnant. She was kidnapped, raped and strangled by Joseph Aguayo. Her body was found 4 days later on the banks of a creek in Sacramento County. Joseph Aguayo had 6 felony convictions before Eva’s kidnapping, rape [...]

Donna Hooker’s Story


If the will of the People had been carried out, Donna Hooker would never have been a murder victim of Norman Whitehorn. On November 8, 1978, 21-year-old Donna Hooker was kidnapped from her job in Sacramento while she was on her break. Her body was found a few hours later in a remote field in [...]

Will Let Cop Killers Off Death Row


ACLU is funding the campaign


The Victims

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